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The Leopard Gecko Morph Calculator provides no guarantee as to the accuracy of the "Gecko Morph Calculator". Although every possible care is taken to ensure it produces accurate genetic outcomes. The tool is provided "as is" - we offer no warranty as to the tool's accuracy.

The Leopard Gecko Morph Calculator provides the facility for users to advertise their Leopard Geckos. We offer not warranty as to the quality of the geckos being advertised and accept no responsibility for any defects in geckos being purchased as a result of being listed on The Leopard Gecko Morph Calculator. We provide the listing service for the benefit of our users. It is entirely the responsibility of both the purchaser and seller to ensure that any gecko being purchased is of good quality. Our listings service offers no guarantees as to quality or accuracy of information provided by our users.

Any views or advice within any help or guide pages is provided without any warranty.

Uploading of Pictures / Images

By uploading any picture to the leopardgeckomorphcalculator.co.uk, you are certifying that:

  • You own the rights to that picture.
  • You authorise us to copy and reproduce that picture at any time on the leopardgeckomorphcalculator.co.uk or any sister web sites in our group.

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